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Welcome to the web site of the Third International Conference in numerical and experimental aerodynamics of road vehicles and trains. This conference is meant as a place where engineers and researchers can exchange their ideas in ground vehicle aerodynamics. It is meant as a forum for engineers and scientists from industry manufacturers and operators of road vehicles and trains and universities for presentations and discussions of the relevant advances in vehicle aerodynamics techniques.

The best talks will be selected by the scientific board during the conference for review and possible inclusion in a special issue of the Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics. All participants and speakers should be registered respecting conference deadlines. The conference will start on Wednesday, 13th June , and will end on Friday, 15th June Download the conference flyer for further information.

Welcome to the web site of the Third International Conference in numerical and experimental aerodynamics of road vehicles and trains - Aerovehicles 3. The conference is organized by Politecnico di Milano , in cooperation with Fondazione Politecnico di Milano , and will take place from 13 to 15 June , in Milan Italy. Serie di workshops divulgativi sul tema fintech rivolti a accademici, studenti ed esponenti dell'industria, dall'intermediazione finanziaria a bitcoin, da machine learning a big data, da blockchain a cybersecurity.

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2 results for Italian: "a. leonardo". Sort by: Featured, Price: Bullismo, Dipendenza droga-alcool-fumo,disattenzione: consigli per come eliminare questi mali! (Italian Edition). by Leonardo Interventi per i giovani (Best Practices Vol. 2 ) (Italian. Svarsreaktioner n r denortheast frontier railway constructionschedule of power on . Interventi per i giovani 2 best practices italian edition By the quintuplem q q.

The conference proposes a self-contained journey on these topics. First of all, it provides a tutorial for people who want to know more about DLT and smart contracts starting from zero. Then the three sessions cover different topics: technical issues related to the potentialities of these technologies and tools governance, smart contracts models, oracles role, voting systems ; a deep dive on the economics and finance of DLT and smart contracts game theoretic issues, investment, modeling of cryptocurrencies, digital cash, ICO market ; a look at the applications to financial markets going beyond proofs of concept trading and post trading industry, law issues, disintermediation.

ILICA - Italian Language InterCultural Alliance

At the same time he started a training course to which he touched Since , he has been deeply involved in technology transfer activities, co-founding e-Novia, as Chief Technology Officer Hollander , Robert , Studies in Dante , Ravenna , pp. Bosco , Umberto , Francesco Petrarca , 3rd edn, Bari , Buone pratiche a favore di anziani e famiglie: il follow up dei casi individuati nella ricerca del , in Bramanti D. The LAC has become a domicile of artwork and a tribute to the esteemed employees. This project won Quality Certificate.

Applications of DLT and smart contracts in finance. Claudio Impenna - DLT applications in the financial sector: the regulator's perspective. Fintech al servizio del crowdinvesting. Moneta Virtuale. Applicazione della network analysis ai mercati finanziari. Distributed Ledger Technology e capital markets. La rivoluzione digitale nel mondo della consulenza finanziaria.

Cyber security e finanza. This conference is aimed at investigating how care is transforming in these turbulent, multifaceted and changing contexts. Care policies not only need to respond to changing care needs by providing good quality services, but also to be financially and socially sustainable, also in a long-term and inter-generational perspective, and from the perspectives of care users, their families and paid care workers. This is a difficult challenge for policies as well as for informal and formal care practices, with strong implications as to how care services and care work are organized and provided.

The following steps are foreseen:.

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For questions or information about the payment please contact the local organizing committee: conference transforming-care. Envisioning the sharing society and city of the future is the goal of the international competition open to students, graduates and professionals.

The area of interest is the open space and the street facing the Smart City Lab which is going to be built in via Ripamonti 88 in Milan in by the Municipality of Milan. This new urban service will become a business incubator in support of start-ups working on smart city projects and an urban hub open to the public.

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Participants will have to produce spherical panoramas of these scenarios. Simulations of the selected projects will be presented in an immersive way to a wide audience using Head Mounted Displays during the final event June The initiative works in synergy with the values and the objectives of the European project Sharing Cities S.

The international competition is open to students, graduates and professionals. The group can be composed by a single person i. The international jury will award the most innovative projects. Moreover, the three winning projects will win three annual subscriptions to charging stations for electric vehicles provided by NHP ; these stations will be implemented within the European project Sharing Cities. Questa iniziativa lavora in sinergia con i valori e gli obiettivi del progetto Europeo Sharing Cities S. Opening date for applications.

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Apertura delle iscrizioni al Bando di Concorso. Deadline for requesting clarifications and publication of FAQs on the competition website. Termine invio richieste di chiarimento e pubblicazione delle FAQ sul sito del concorso. Closing of applications and deadline for project submission within pm - Central European Time Zone for accessing the first evaluation phase.

Chiusura iscrizioni e consegna entro le ore ora italiana degli elaborati di progetto per accedere alla prima fase di valutazione.

Dipartimento di di Lingue Letterature e Culture Straniere – Università Roma Tre

Notice of the selected proposals up to 30 proposals and request of integrative material to access the second evaluation phase. Comunicazione dei progetti selezionati max 30 progetti che hanno superato la prima selezione e inizio della seconda fase di valutazione. Delivery of the definitive material of the finalists projects. Closing ceremony and proclamation of the three finalists, special mentions and prizegiving at the Polytechnic University of Milan with international jury. Evento pubblico di proclamazione dei tre finalisti, menzioni speciali e premiazione del vincitore presso il Politecnico di Milano con giuria internazional.

Barbara E. Piga, prof. Rossella Salerno. Laboratorio di Simulazione Urbana "Fausto Curti". The competition on….


Lumion 3D Italia. EU Project Sharing Cities. Ambiances International Network. Some articles about the competition Envisioning the City of the Future. This workshop is concerned with a number of aspects of the theory of linear and nonlinear PDEs. Attention will also be paid to questions arising from mathematical models in applied sciences.

The analysis of related issues of functional analysis, mainly Sobolev type inequalities, and of convex analysis, specifically from the theory of convex bodies, also falls within the scopes of the present workshop. The NuFuel workshop is organized under the auspices of the Joint Program on Nuclear Materials JPNM fostered by the European Energy Research Alliance EERA and aims to establish fruitfully and long-lasting collaboration between European institutes, to provide a forum where dialogue between experts is encouraged, and to give students and young researchers the possibility to present their work and discuss with specialist in the field.

The International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics IFASD is the most important event for engineers and researchers working in the fields of aeroelasticity and structural dynamics, since the first event of IFASD is intended to give a comprehensive snapshot of the current status of research activities and industrial practice in the fields of Aerospace Vehicle Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics, Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization, and Active and Adaptive Structures.

It will provide an excellent opportunity for scientists and engineers from industry, research centers and universities to exchange knowledge and findings of current studies, and to discuss directions for future research. Contributions are sought covering all technical areas relating to aeroelasticity and structural dynamics. For information on the conference please take a look at Conference Website. The main aim of the workshop is to present recent results and open problems in the area of Graph Theory and Combinatorics, also in connection with some applications in Engineering and Computer Science.

Si veda la pagina relativa sul sito FDS. Una volta compilato il modulo, verranno mostrate ed inviate per email le istruzioni per procedere al pagamento della quota d'iscrizione mediante carta di credito o bonifico bancario. Room: Aula F. A1: to disentangle the thread that connects the molecular level in the human body to the development of a nerve signal and its transduction into a specific life function, such as vision, thought, heartbeat and movement;.

Maria L. Manuela T. A number of examples will be thoroughly analyzed during hands-on sessions that will allow participants to verify the performance of the algorithms and interpret the biophysical reliability of the obtained results. This part of the course will be held by course director and instructors. To receive the credits for the LIFE2MATH Interdoctoral PhD Course, each student has to pass a final exam which will consist of writing a project report on a specific subject previously agreed with one of the instructors.

In the preparation of the report, flexibility will be admitted in focusing on theoretical or on numerical issues, the combination of the two being strongly encouraged and welcome. In general, the presence of defects accelerates the initial phase of fatigue damage, a process that involves a volume of a few microstructural units. Therefore, non-metallic inclusions with dimensions of the order of ten microns play a key role in the fatigue strength of bearings and springs.

Microfolds and oxide entrapments with dimensions of the order of microns can be critical for the fatigue properties of forged components. Inhomogeneities and defects gas pores, cavities of larger size affect the quality of metal castings and modern Additive Manufacturing processes. The concepts of defect tolerant design, developed more than 20 years ago, aim to cover the gap between simple stress-based design approaches with generous safety factors, the methods developed for fracture assessment of components and NDE requirements.

The ability to predict fatigue properties and service life of components in relation to their manufacturing process is of special interest also for the modern Additive Manufacturing AM processes, whose rapid evolution needs efficient tools for product development, fatigue assessment and component qualifications.

Following the successful symposia of Trondheim in and Paris in , these topics will be discussed at the Third International Symposium on Fatigue Design and Material Defects - 3, to be held in September in Lecco, Italy. The XVI Congress of the Italian Society for Archaeoastronomy SIA will offer the opportunity of a dialogue between different cultures on the relationship between man and cosmos in human civilizations, from prehistoric epoch to the present day.

Italian network for obesity and cardiovascular disease surveillance: A pilot project

Scientific Committee: E. Antonello, J. Belmonte, A. Gonzalez-Garcia, R. Hannah, M. Incerti, G. Magli, V. Polcaro, G. In particular, in recent years the studies on Roman Archaeoastronomy received a considerable boost, as well as those on Roman architecture both of buildings and of entire landscapes.